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Life isn't measured by the number of breaths we take

but by the moments that take our breath away

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Nickname/s: Jimi,Amara

Love/s: God,Futbol('soccer'),life,love,music,Barcelona,Barca,Spain,friends,beaches,parties

About me:
Hi.I'm Amara.I'm from spain,particularly from Barcelona,Catalonia!!

I speak english most of the time.I can understand Catalan,but I can't speak it if it was to save my life.

I can speak Castillan spanish though.

I've lived in the Philippines also,well,until I was 10.My mother is half-Filipino and half-Spanish.

My father on the other hand,is half-Catalan,1/4 Brazilian and 1/4 Italian.

I can also speak Tagalog and understand Ilonggo,2 dialects of the philippines.

I'm incoming first year college in the University in Barcelona.I'm taking a Media-related course.

I'm also a model for Guess,Gucci and Armani Exchange.I like modelling,but don't judge me because of that.

I will not model lingerie items.Eugh.And I'm not as girly as you think I am.

If you happen to catch me on the street,you'll see me in jeans,a normal tank top and with

either chucks or plain flip-flops on my feet.I don't wear skirts.

I love football.Talking about football is like talking about sex.Can you describe it?Are you supposed to?

I have football for as long as I could remember.I have always been in my schools' varsities.

I play left defender or right winger.But overall,I'm overall. :D

I have an amazing boyfriend who's 9 years older than me.He is actually my high school teacher in social studies.

Our love for Barca brought us together. :P

I'm a very friendly and approachable person in general,and I love meeting and making new friends.So if you wanna add me,then go ahead! :D

"Life isn't measured by the number of breaths you take but by the number of moments that take your breath away"

Bands/Artists: U2,Green Day,The Sex Pistols,The Carpenters,The Clash,Juanes,Fall Out Boy,Switchfoot,The Killers,Coldplay,Keane,Stereophonics,The Beatles,Aerosmith,Guns n' Roses,AC/DC,Led Zeppelin,My Chemical Romance,Elvis Presley,Jimi Hendrix,The Network,Maroon 5,Rolling Stones,The Ramones,Carlos Santana,Deep Purple,Dave Matthews Band,Oasis,Wet!Wet!Wet!,Maxim,Pinhead Gunpowder,El Ultimo de Vida,Bob Marley,Yellowcard,Matchbox 20,Modest Mouse,Steely Dan,BB King,Freddie King,Andrea Bocelli,Luciano Pavarotti,Janis Joplin,Radiohead,Johnny Cash,Plant and Page,HIM,Queen,Ill Nino,Pink Floyd,Red Hot Chili Peppers,Josh Groban,The Darkness,Jose Gonzalez


fcbarcelona is love
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football is love
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music is love
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nice videos:

Barca Toons

Hilarious commercial of moving dentures

Even though you might not understand this,it's worth watching

by the way,I claimed Victor Valdes' abs,haircut,face,and his black FCB jersey@football_claims

Colorbar by foenixgirl

Colorbar by foenixgirl

Colorbar by foenixgirl

Colorbar by foenixgirl

Colorbar by foenixgirl

Colorbar by foenixgirl

Barca is love

credit to "xlouder_now" for the colorbar